2011 Year in Review

2012 is here, and according to some (the Mayans), it may be our last.  Just like any apocalyptic, wait for the crazies to start coming out of the woodwork near the 4th quarter of this year.  

2011 was the year I resurrected the blog, and committed to be consistent.  My book was published, and hopefully it will do well enough for another shot.  

Much of what I write is based on what I get to teach in our Adult Sunday School class, but every once in a while I venture off the reservation for reflections, rants, and ramblings.  

Thank you to Ad Orientem and St. James Kids for adding me to your blogroll, it brought me more new readers than I could have found on mine own.  

Here are the top ten most popular posts for the year:

1.  Track 4: Unexpected Victory  This keeps showing up near the top and is a surprise every month.  Just like number 2 in the list, it is part of the series on the reflection of the 9 Biblical Songs, which I called the soundtrack of the Church.

2.  Track 1: Deliverance  The first in the Biblical Soundtrack series.  

3. To Be a Father  Reflections on the responsibilities of those who get to be father, Lord have mercy on us (and our kids).  

4.  God's Garden: our African Christian Heritage  News about Fr. Moses Berry and his mission. 

5.  Eulogy to an American Hero.  This summer my maternal grandfather passed away.  He was an inspirational man, and this was a eulogy I wrote.

6.  4 Senses of Scripture.  The Church has always read Scripture broader than the common grammatical-historical sense that is popular in conservative Christian circles.  This post summarizes the 4 approaches that Christians from the beginning have been using to unite their hearts with God in the pages of the Bible.  

7.  My Kid's Entertainment Diet.  Another paternal post from a father worried about the souls of his kids.

8.  The First Post.  This one is so old that warrants a re-read and rewrite on my part.  Thank goodness none of this permanent.  

9.  The Tabernacle: Part 1.  This is another old one based off Sunday School material several years ago.  I just can't get away from the OT, and one of these days, I would love to make this post the basis of the book.  I am constantly struck at the presence of Christ in the Liturgical life of ancient Israel, as well as the level of understanding it brings to the New Testament and our own contemporary worship.  

10.  Best Easter Sermon, Ever!  Chrysostom always makes for a great standby!  St. John keep praying for us.  

Thanks again to all my readers.  Please don't be afraid of commenting in the next year.  

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