My Kid's Entertainment Diet

I love to go to the movies. I love to go to the movies with my kids. I still enjoy a good animated flick or adventure movie. But I always worry about exposing my kids to something that is not age-appropriate or worse. Previews are not always a good indicator of questionable content. Previews are designed to sell the movie to you.

We think it's important to monitor our child's food intake so that they get proper nutrition and not junk. In the same way, we want to monitor the food that enters their heart and minds.

So what do you do to insure their entertainment diet is not feeding them junk food or poison?

Sometimes I rely on trusted friends and families. Recently my brother went to see the new X-Men movie. We were both excited about it, and thought of eventually taking our kids. He called me after the viewing and sent off warning flares for me to stay away with the kids. This was surprising because it seems to be marketed as a safe movie for older kids and pre-teens. According to my brother, there was questionable language and innuendo. I was disappointed, but the family will be skipping this one.

I guess I could swear off entertainment altogether, but it's an experience we enjoy and there is some redemptive or at least amoral entertainment out there for the family.

So how do choose what is appropriate?

I have found a couple sites that are extremely helpful:

1. This one is my personal favorite. The reviews are very clear and includes reviews to TV, music, and games as well.

Question: Do you have any other favorite sites that help with entertainment? Any other criteria that you use to protect the kids?
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