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How To Survive Political Disappointment

Wednesday, November 7, many Christians awoke to disappointing election results.  If not in the presidential race, then probably somewhere else---governor, senator, representative, school board, county coroner.  To appreciate the mood, here is a sampling of some of my favorite mournful and joyful Tweets: 
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Theron Mathis

Thank You and A Free Gift

Thank you to all the readers of The Rest of the Bible!  

It's been a little over a year, since the print and ebook publication, and I continue to be encouraged by the response.

There is very little in print regarding those "extra" Old Testament books, and this book fit that need.

If you have ever wondered about the content of Tobit, the Maccabees, Judith, etc, but never had the time to dig and read, this book will give you an overview of each book as well as discussing how Christian throughout history have used and understand these stories.

Thank you as well to those who commented on Amazon.

Here are a sample of the reviews.

It is about time someone took to giving a good outline and reading companion to these books. So often they are overlooked because sadly most bibles do not include them. This is not only a readable book for those interested but in my mind opens up a world of 'forgotten' Scripture to the modern eyes.A simple but brilliant idea for a book. I do…