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Ascension Part 2


The following are notes from a class we did at St. Michael's on the 12 great feasts of the Church.
Ascension occurs 40 Days after Pascha; always on a Thursday

The ascension of Christ is his final physical departure from this world after the resurrection. It is the formal completion of his mission in this world as the Messianic Saviour. It is his glorious return to the Father who had sent him into the world to accomplish the work that he had given him to do (Jn 17:4-5). The following points are a list of several themes that come out in our celebration of the feast. These were drawn from the festal hymns and Scripture readings. The hymns below reference the service where they are found. V for Vespers, M for Matins, and L for liturgy.

1. A Promise of the Holy Spirit

V. The Lord has been taken up into heaven, that he may send the Advocate to the world.

V. Lord Christ, giver of life, as your Apostles saw you borne up on clouds, filled with lamentations of tears of dejection, grievi…