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Exposing My Poor Spirit

Years ago, early in my Orthodox journey, I purchased Nicholas Cabasilas’ The Life in Christ.  I remember enjoying it and being helped by it, but the details escape me.  Recently, upon recommendation by a friend, I decided to pick it back up.
Cabasilas spends the bulk of his work discussing the sacraments and how they allow us to unite with Christ, and toward the end, he talks about how we live in between those sacramental acts.  How do we retain and cultivate this life of Christ, this union we experience through the mysteries of the church, as we walk through our families, and jobs, and hobbies, and chores?  One answer he gives is contemplation, which for Cabasilas is a mirror of the Jesus Prayer, something slightly more active, whereby we consider and fill our minds with Christ so the image begins to radiate from our hearts toward our lips, our hands, and our feet. .... - See more at:…