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Clark Carlton Podcast

It's been a while since I posted, and I promise the updates the Sunday School notes are coming soon. In the meantime here's something everyone needs to check out.

If you have not visited Ancient Faith Radio, you need to. Ancient Faith plays continuous Orthodox liturgical music as well as various sermons and talks by Orthodox priests, laymen, and professors across the world.

Ancient Faith Radio has recently developed multiple podcasts from various authors across the country. These are excellent and extremely professional. And like most podcasts they are short but full of a lot of wonderful content.

I want to point out one particular podcast from Clark Carlton. Clark is a friend of mine who was instrumental in helping me come to Orthodoxy. We have similar backgrounds and his journey and experience was invaluable to me. Clark is a former Baptist seminarian who found Orthodoxy and has since gotten degrees in Early Christian Studies. He is currently an assistant professor of P…