May Blog Post Winners

One of the interesting facts about blogging is trying to figure why some posts do well and some don't. Sometimes when I finish one, I think based on the content and title that it will generate a lot of traffic. I am wrong more than I am right.

Here's my top five for May:

The number one post continues to hit as number one every week, even though I wrote it back in March. Number 5 was written in 2008 and continues to score well.

Thanks to everyone who reads and follows. Please subscribe, forward, and comment. My goal is to post twice a week, and I will continue the Biblical soundtrack posts shortly as well as Ministry in America. As the book gets closer to publishing more information will be forthcoming as well as a contest. Also I open to guest posting, so if you would like to try your hand at blogging and you think you have content that is complementary, please let me know.
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