Egyptian Christians - the next Darfur?

Since the early evangelism of the Apostles, Christianity has permeated Egypt. It was vibrant and produced many saints and great theologians that the Church continues to honor till this day.

The expansion of Islam in 641 brought subjection of the Christian population of Egypt, and it slowly became a minority as Islam began to dominate.

Miraculously Christians have maintained their faith in Egypt for the last 1300 years. Oppression has ebbed and flowed over the years, but recently the Christian minority is under greater attack.

Unfortunately this gets little coverage in Western media, which is sad. Americans did a good job bringing to attention the oppression of Tibet, Rwanda, and Darfur, but the plight of Christians in Egypt remain unnoticed.

A friend and fellow church member has done a great job trying to bring this issue to light. He is a Christian with Egyptian roots and has family that still maintains their faith in Egypt.

Please follow his blog for more information:

Pray for the Christians of Egypt.

How did the other issues of oppression become top of mind for the West? What can be done to get more press on this issue? Comment Below
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