The Forge 1.18.2012

This past week Fr. Stephen Damick created a mini-firestorm in response to the viral video "Why I Hate Religion, but Love Jesus" (you may have seen it on FB).  His post was a brilliant response.  Thank you Fr. Damick.  And if you haven't picked up his book Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy, please add it to you must reads.

Fr. Jonathan over at Second Terrace, wrote one of the best pieces on the necessity of the Ever-Virginity of Mary.  This can be a hangup for a lot of people, but he does a great job placing it into doctrinal context with all his usual rhetorical prowess.

Here's a snippet:
"When, in fact, the Bible does: Mary is called "blessed," and could not be called so if she were to have relations with another man while the Father of her Son was still alive."
and this
"and if someone were truly virginal like Mary ... then oughtn't I do the same? Am I not beholden to at least try?This terrifying thought is the main reason why the Ever-Virginity of Mary is so opposed. "
 Another Climacus Conference is on its way to Louisville in February, and this year the focus is on Byzantium.  I don't know how David does it but there is a powerhouse lineup including Kyriacos Makrides and Daniel Larison.  Good Work, David!

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