The Forge 1.11.2012

The Forge 1.11.2012

I shouldn't but I am going to comment on the Tebow furor.  First, I am a fan.  I would love him on my team.  He's got character, he's positive, he's charismatic, and he is a leader.  But he tends to be a lightning rod for many in the secular press, and I don't think the press's ire is intended to be directed at Tebow--it's target is the rabid fan.  There's a large segment of of American Christianity that feels the need to be validated.  To be validated in American society you need the stamp of celebrity, and Tebow fits the bill for many.  This is a large burden for anyone including Tebow to bear, but gives a glimpse on how much of secular culture American Christians have imbibed.  For another perspective, fellow blogger On Behalf of All has written of Tim Tebow and the Saints

I mentioned before the growing revival that is occurring in Russia since the collapse of Communism.  This post and video shows us more Revival In Russia

Occasionally I am asked about resources used for Sunday School preparation, especially in relation to the Fathers of the Church.  Here's my secret:  It's an online reference to the writings of much of the Fathers and early Christian writings.  It's searchable and easy to use.  

The other resource I use is Blue Letter Bible.  Bible Gateway is another, but I like the variety of Blue Letter, and it is easy to use.  I probably should do a post where I pull back the curtain on the tricks of the trade.  
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