The Forge 1.4.2012

The Forge 1.4.12

Several years ago, while working on the Orthodox Study Bible project, I met Stephen Holley.  Since then he has been ordained a deacon as well as writes and speaks on Marital and Pre-Marital topics.  He has finally entered the blogging fray.  Here is the link to this new blog:  Deacon Stephen Muses, and I have also added it as a link on my blogroll.  

I love Ancient Faith Radio.  I spend so much time in my, it has become a constant companion.  I recently discovered Fr. Thomas Hopko's reflections on the liturgy called Worship in Spirit and Truth, and I am working my way through the series.  These are excellent reflections on the Bible and Liturgy.  

Here's another book recommendation, The Gospel According to Moses, , by Evangelical author Athol Dickson.  This recounts his friendship with a devout Jew, and how this relationship deepened his understanding of the Old Testament, and surprisingly with Jesus.  I am not finished with it, but so far so good!

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