God's Garden & the African Christian Heritage

Orthodoxy has done a poor job reaching out to the African American community in this country. On the other hand, Islam has made significant inroads into a community that has a rich spiritual tradition. Islam often sells itself to African American as the religion with African roots. Christianity is the slave masters religion. This is blatantly false. Before Christianity made its way to Northern Europe, it had already penetrated Africa. Christianity has much deeper roots in Africa than many moderns understand. Black saints abound in Orthodoxy and the early church. One such saint is St. Moses the Black. This one saint is the inspiration for the life of a contemporary African American Orthodox priest with a most interesting testimony.

Excitingly, a movie is being made on the life of this wonderful man with a message toward African American and all Americans to return to their religious roots.

Below is a link to the site detailing Fr. Moses Barry and the making of the film:


Also here is a preview of the film:


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