You Are a Writer (a review)

I've been following Jeff Goins online for some time now, and I have learned a lot.  

I love to write, and even though I am a published author and blogger I have never thought of myself as a writer--until I read Jeff.  

I was fortunate enough to review Jeff's new book You Are a Writer, and am thankful.  It is full of inspirational gems and practical advice.  As a blogger, who has been frustrated by lack of traction and readership, and an author looking for greater visibility and promotion for material that I believe is truly life changing; I can't wait to put into practice Jeff's advice.  

Here are some inspirational gems, I found laying on the surface of the page:

"Everything is practice" 
"The secret to mastering any discipline: As you conquer one, you'll find it easier to tackle another." 
"Multi-tasking is a myth.  You can either create or react.  But you can't do both.  Choose wisely." 
"..dangerous territory, when your creativity hijacks your productivity." 
"The fear of something is always scarier than the thing itself."

Good stuff!  

And this isn't just some inspirational piece designed to fill with temporary motivation; there is real practical, gritty, get-your-hands-dirty advice designed to use before you turn the next page.  

Thank you Jeff.

To get a copy of this book, check out the link above to Jeff's site or click here for the Amazon link: 

You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One)


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