Why Stuff Matters?

Stuff matters.  Why?

It is part of our salvation, not meant to be sloughed off like an old snake skin, not a prison to escape, not a weight holding you to the earth.  It is a path to salvation and groans for redemption. 

It was created by God and called good, provided as a conduit for man to commune with God. 

God became stuff, and uses stuff to save:  mud to make blind see, handkerchiefs to heal, bones to resurrect, hems of garment to restore, water to wash away leprosy, bronze statues to deliver, rods of wood to bring water from rock, food to sustain, fiber to clothe.

It is infused with the grace of God for our salvation. 

What happens if stuff does not matter?

We neglect and abuse our bodies.  We see others as objects to be used and thrown away.  The earth is exploited because one day it will burn with the rest of the stuff that doesn’t matter. 

One purpose of man is the redemption of this fallen mess.  

We must bless all the stuff of this life, for everything matters and can be infused with the grace of God, leading to our salvation and the salvation of our neighbor.  

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