Track 9 - Fulfillment

Track 9 - Fulfillment (Luke 1:46-55; 67-79)

For the final song on the Biblical soundtrack, two voices, come together as one, one a young girl unknown by man, raised by faith in holy seclusion, the other an old priest, without heirs, made mute by doubt before the holy.  Together they sing of fruitfulness at the coming of children destined to announce and bring deliverance to all mankind.

For centuries their people had waited for deliverance, stories had been told of Moses and their ancestors escaping the clutches of an evil Pharaoh, of Joshua driving out idolators, of heroes rescuing the oppressed by the miraculous hand of God, of King David unifying their people and his son Solomon exalting a nation to world prominance, of exile and return, of persecution and victory, only to ask, "Will my generation see God's hand, surely we are poor again and now is the time for salvation?"; and salvation came as a baby.

The previous 8 hymns have been revealing portions of the story of redemption, now song 9 in small slices and glimpses like a teaser trailer for a movie, shouts to all with ears to hear, "The Incarnation is almost here; the great drama of redemption is about running to its final climax; these are the first shots in the war against death and hell; a humble, insignificant, young virgin is chosen to overturn the world."  

The life of this young virgin is evidence of the way God operates.  Outside of man's conception, not using the strength of man, but avoiding it, even overturning it, silencing all doubters, this work is something only God can accomplish.  

Zacharias, the elderly priest, confirms this not in what God has done or how He works, but those Old Testament event and prophesies are coming to fruition in One Man.  From time immemorial  each story and character, each law and prophecy, each proverb and song, have been but brick and mortar, supports and foundations, adornments and furnishings to be completed not in a physical kingdom but a man, a simple carpenter born from a virgin announced to the world by a young desert dweller.  

This Man is the Logos, the Creator, the Image upon which all was made.  His very DNA is imprinted onto the blueprint of reality.  He becomes man to return Creation back to the Creator, to destroy death, the great barrier to communion, and to shatter the power of the devil who has used death as a club to control, manipulate, and disfigure mankind.  

He is coming!  He is almost here!  And His entry is the way He comes even today, through the faith of a humble heart, fulfilling all things.  

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