The Pearl 3:2 - The Faith to the Ends of the Earth

St Ephrem's The Pearl 3:2

Very glistening are the pearls of Ethiopia, as it is written,
Who gave thee to Ethiopia of black men.

He that gave light to the Gentiles,
Both to the Ethiopians and unto the Indians did His bright beams 

The eunuch of Ethiopia upon his chariot saw Philip:
The Lamb of Light met the dark man from out of the water.
While he was reading, the Ethiopian was baptised
And shone with joy, and journeyed on!

He made disciples and taught,
And out of black men he made men white.
And the dark Ethiopic women became pearls 
         for the Son;
He offered them up to the Father, as a glistening 
         crown from the Ethiopians.
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