Shatner, Queen, & Dostoevsky

This video has no relation to anything I normally blog about.  It's a culmination of the lack of time for a real thoughtful post, mindless internet suffering, and the unexplainable phenomena that is William Shatner.  

I can't understand it, but he cracks me up.  Here is a guy who totally re-invented himself as a caricature of himself.  Apparently he has a new album, and here is video release of his version of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, which is equally entertaining in a strange way.  

I guess I never paid attention to the words before, but there is a little Dostoevsky Crime and Punishment element to the story, without any redemption.  

Ok, enough distractions, next time expect something a little more serious and practical.  

ht: The Sci Fi Christian
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