This year our six year old announced that he wanted to be a devil for Halloween.  We must have looked at him in horror, because he innocently responded, "Not the real devil, just the fake red one."  

Christians of all stripes have mixed feelings about Halloween, and much has been writing on both sides of the issues.  Rather than rehash previous comments, I have collected my favorite links on the topics.

John Sanidopoulos at Mystagogy can fill your bag with more trick or treat goodies than anyone else:  The Truth About HalloweenOrthodoxy and Halloween: Separating Fact from Fiction, and the Halloween Resource Page

Here's some other interesting posts from the Evangelical world and one of my favorite online stops, the Sci-Fi Christian:  Doing Theology with the Bride of FrankensteinToward a Theology of Trick or Treating, part 1, and part 2

If you have never read it, I do think Bram Stoker's Dracula is an incredibly Christian novel, and Aaron Taylor has a great post on another recent Dracula novel entitled the Historian by Elizabeth Kostova.  The post and the book are excellent.  

My favorite Halloween idea comes from Ortho-blogger Silouan Thompson:  Orthodox Trick or Treat.  Please let us know if you try his idea!


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