The Forge 10-25-2011

Throughout the week, I stumble upon what I think are pretty interesting and beneficial articles.  Some just make you scratch your head, and others really add practical value.  I have never really found a good way to share the info.  

Welcome to the Forge.  In keeping with a "Sword in the Fire" theme, I have borrowed a term from the old blacksmith shop, using it to describe this mix of material that a reader might could melt down into something useful.  

Here's this weeks links:  

Check out this article Original Martyrdom Account of St. Peter the Aleut at the Orthodox history site.  

As I have gotten older, and watched my kids get closer to adulthood, leadership and becoming a godly man, are becoming more important in my life and in how I instruct my kids.  This site is always good, and here's a recent post:  Old Fashioned Leadership

I stumbled on this site through a Google alert I set up.  Dead Sea Scrolls and the "Rest of the Bible"  It is an account of the books of the Apocrypha and what was found in the Dead Sea Scrolls.  It hints that there may have been Hebrew originals for some of these books.  

Finally, add this site to your reader Good Books for Young Souls.  I recently won a set of children's books here, and often forward article to my oldest son.  If you have children, this blogger is always giving great reading suggestions for children. 

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