Mel Gibson Took My Advice

When Ancient Faith Radio interviewed me about my new book, I was asked about my favorites books in this mysterious group of Biblical writings.  I mentioned two, Sirach and the Maccabees.  

My reason for choosing Maccabees is because it is action-packed.  There is fighting, intrigue, and heroism.  Men, women, and children are sacrificing their lives for their faith in God.  Maybe it's a man-thing but it is hard for me not to picture Chuck Norris when reading about the exploits of Judas Maccabeus.  

In an off-hand comment, I mentioned my surprise that these books have never been made into a movie.  I didn't know he was an AFR fan, but Mel must have heard the interview.  Entertainment Weekly reported that Mel has decided to make a movie on the Maccabees.

While Mel has had his problems lately, I welcome a movie.  No doubt, it will be violent and not for the kiddies, but these are stories that need to be known and told on a larger scale.  

Outside the general tenor of excitement, these books inspire one toward a heroic life.  Evil can faced and fought.  A life of sacrifice is possible.  We can look into our hearts, survey the passions that reside there, draw up a battle plan, and with the Cross battle our demons with courage.  

Maybe I should send Mel a copy of the book, before he gets too deep into the script. 

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