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One of my oldest friends, fellow Louisvillian (and Georgian), and college roommate has recently started a subscribe worthy blog.  For a while now,  he has been blogging about his own spiritual pilgrimage here, but he has finally turned his opened his journal of poems and stories to the blogging community.  

Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to sample his poetry and have always find them moving.  His short stories are equally wonderful.  Here's a sample:

A constellation of freckles, the fruit of twelve summers, lay across Sarah’s cheeks and nose and brought to mind carefree days spent out of doors. Her large blue eyes were as clear as the cloudless sky and still sparkled with that undimmed mirth and joy of life that commonly abides in the female child before the complexities of adulthood loom large on the horizon.  But that usual light in Sarah’s face was veiled by clouds this night.
Make sure you check out his blog here at Poems & Vignettes.  He is also listed on the sidebar.  

Good luck Todd.  
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