The Pearl 6:6-7 In The Covenant of Moses Is They Brightness Shadowed Forth

St. Ephrem's The Pearl 6:6

Since they have extolled thee too much,
Or have lowered thee too much,
Bring them to an even level.

Come down,
Descend a little that height of infidelity and heathendom;
And come up from the depth of Judaism, though thou art in Heaven.
Let our Lord be set between God and men!
Let the Prophets be as it were His heralds!
Let the Just One, as being His Father, rejoice!
That Word it is which conquered both Jews and Heathen!


Come, Thou Gift of Holy Church, stay, rest in the midst of Her!
The circumsized have troubled Thee,
In that they are vain babblers,
And so have the [false] doctrines in that they are contentious.

Blessed be He that gave Thee a good company which bears Thee about!
In the covenant of Moses is Thy brightness shadowed forth:
In the new covenant Thou dartest forth:
From those first Thy light shineth forth unto those last.
Blessed be He that gave us Thy gleam
As well as Thy bright rays.

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