The Pearl 6:5 - Not Understanding They Destroy

St. Ephrem's The Pearl - 6:5

By this would those who wrangle against our Pearl be reproved;
Because instead of love,
Strife has come in and dared to essay to unveil thy beauty.

It was not graven,
Since it is a progeny which cannot be interpreted.
Thou didst show thy beauty among the abjects
To show whereto thou are like,
Thou Pearl that art all faces.

The beholders were astonied and perplexed at thee.
The separatists separated thee in two,
And were separated in two by thee,
Thou are of one substance throughout.
They saw not thy beauty,
Because there was not in them the eye of truth.
For the veil of prophecy,
Full as it was of the mysteries,
To them was a covering of thy glistering faces:
They thought that thou wast other [than thou art],
O thou mirror of ours!
And therefore these blind schismatics defiled thy fair beauty.

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