One Big Reason To Defend The Faith

Think back to the days when you were in school.  Now think of the number 211.  What was special about 211?

Did something significant happen in that year?  Not really, but if you are curious Septimus Severus, the Roman emperor died as well as Serapion of Antioch a Patriarch of Antioch.

It is a prime number, but that's not what makes it special.

211 is the degree immediately before water begins to boil.  If you could keep your pot of water at this temperature, it would be very hot, make a nice cup of tea or burn your hand, but it would not be boiling.

It's funny how one degree can make such a big difference.  Raise that pot of water 1 degree and everything changes dramatically, steam is created, and power is released.

1 degree.  Just 1 degree, and nothing's the same.

Adding a couple words to the Creed is not big deal.  Changing a phrase here or there, in a prayer or Scripture, is small.  Giving God a different title won't make that big of difference, and may help.  It's just 1 degree of change, but it changes everything.

We've been given the way of salvation, and the faith "once for all delivered to the saints", is it in any wonder it has been so vigorously defended for centuries?  All those councils and theological disputes weren't for speculation or academic curiosity.

It was an act of defense against the 1 degree.

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