The Forge 2.22.12

Have you heard of the Thirteenth Apostle?  He's No Longer an Ancient Curiousity, and back in action spreading Christianity throughout Africa at an unprecedented rate.  This is exciting stuff and should encourage and inspire Christians everywhere.   ht: Jason Rossiter

If you have ever dipped into Biblical studies for very long, you have come across the discipline of Textual Criticism.  Textual Criticism gathers up all the manuscripts and fragments of the Bible found throughout the ages, and tries to determine what is original and what is not.  Orthodox Christians have been proponents for the Majority text.  This means that the manuscripts, fragments, and versions in the majority win the day.  Gabe Martini in his continuing series on the Bible has one of the clearest arguments for the Majority text written without any scholarly jargon:   Origin of the Biblical Context

Recently Catholic bishops made it to Capitol to discuss contraception and Obama care.  Here is one of the best commentaries on the event:  Just Against Abortion

The Abbot of a Monastery on Vashon Island, Washington writes a daily blog that short and insightful, and should be placed in your Reader or daily activities.  Here's a recent one, he wrote on Post Christian America.

God Bless.

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