The Forge 2.1.2012

If you grew up in the Evangelical culture, then the site Stuff Christians Like will have you cracking up; then not then you will just find yourself scratching your head.  This post was particularly funny considering my current status:  Wishing You Could Dance Like They Do at the Greek Orthodox Churches (I still wish I could dance like that...lessons anyone).

Because of my interest in the The Readables , I am always on the look out for posts and articles surrounding those mysterious OT books.  Here's the latest I have found: Were the Deuterocanonicals Ever a Part of the Jewish Canon of Scripture

I've mentioned it before, but today it is official: The Orthodox Christian Network has launched and updated their blog, The Sounding.

It's been redesigned, and there is a diverse slate of writers from all walks of life.  It should make for a great stopping place for all types of information and writing.

I will be a regular contributor which will be slightly different than the posts found here on the Sword in the Fire.

This video gives a nice introduction to the details surrounding the launch.

The Sounding Relaunch from Orthodox Christian Network on Vimeo.

And not to leave out any items of interest a Texas explorer believes he has found Noah's Ark.

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