The Forge 11.2.2011

Here's the second installment of the Forge"

Evangelical author Don Miller is becoming a favorite author of mine, and his blog always has thought provoking essays.  His insistence on salvation as a mystery and relationship, rather than a business transaction or legal declaration, begins to come closer to Orthodox approach: Mysterious Relationship  

A Russian bishop details an approach to evangelism that is Orthodox and one we should all be practicing daily (blogger included).  Here is the text of the speech:  Orthodox Evangelism.  Orthodoxy is thriving in the former Soviet Union, and it seems I am daily reading of mass baptisms and revival-like movements throughout the region, like the following: 
"In 1991, the Russian Orthodox Church had 12,000 parishes, 117 monasteries and convents, two theologian academies, seven theologian seminaries, 16 theologian colleges and four schools. In 2011, we have 30,675 parishes, 29,324 priests, 3,850 deacons and 805 monasteries and convents. The number of theologian educational establishments has increased, too," Vladimir Legoida, the head of the Synodal Information Department, said at a news conference at Interfax on Monday.

This is just a shameless plug of my book.  Thanks to "Iarfhlaith Benjamin" kind review:  Rest of the Bible Amazon Review

If you question taking your kids to church, and are afraid they will get bored or resist, fear no more, here is a great study from Baylor University:  Take the Kids to Church

Finally, archaeologicalists found a 1400 year devotional pocket icon that was once carried by a Christian believer:

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