Why Orthodox? comments needed!

I am in the very early stages of thinking about writing something about Orthodoxy primarily directed to the inquirer. There are so many books introducting Orthodoxy that I am wary of doing it. If it happens, I am going to approach a little different than the standard apologetic for Orthodoxy using historical and theological arguments. Those are great, and I don't think I would be there today if it weren't for those types of books (thanks Clark Carlton). However, as I have reflected on my journey as well as others, I realize that although the academic arguments are helpful there were other reasons that moved me along.

For example, part of the search that landed me in Orthodoxy was the struggle of the Christian life. Always looking for another book or formula that could help me lead the "victorious Christian life" left me frustrated. I was attracted to the mystical element of Christianity and that lead me to some of the early Fathers. I was struck by the depth of their spirituality and their love for God. As I read some of the lives of the saints, especially the more modern Russian saints (19th century), I wanted what they had. This is part of what brought me to Orthodoxy and has kept me there.

I know that there are a handful or converts out there. Why did you come to Orthodoxy and what keeps you? For those who grew up in the church, you are converts too. There was time that you had to embrace Orthodoxy for yourself. What kept you in the church? Please let me send me your comments below or at my email (mathis5fam@yahoo.com).
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