Ladder of Divine Ascent Outline

Here's the original outline I used for our class in discussing the Ladder. I picked this up from another teacher and I think it is a helpful way to categorize and think about what St. John Climacos was doing.

The Thirty Steps of the Ladder of Divine Ascent

I. The Break With the World

1. Renunciation

2. Detachment

3. Exile

II. The Practice of the Virtues

A. Fundamental Virtues

4. Obedience

5. Repentance

6. Remembrance of Death

7. Sorrow

B. The Struggle Against Passions

(a) Non-physical Passions

8. Anger

9. Malice

10. Slander

11. Talkativeness

12. Falsehood

13. Despandency

(b) Physical & Material Passions

14. Gluttony

15. Lust

16-17 Avarice

(c) Non-Physical Passions

18-20. Insensitivity

21. Fear

22. Vainglory

23. Pride (also Blasphemy)

C. The Higher Virtues

24. Simplicity

25. Humility

26. Discernment

III. Union with God

27. Stillness

28. Prayer

29. Dispassion

30. Love

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