The Burden of Fatherhood

In a previous post, I discussed the nature of being a father.  The source and model of fatherhood is the Father above.  On one hand this brings great comfort because fatherhood is built into the cosmos and our nature.  Grace accompanies this action, and is able to assist the shortcomings we face as sinful men.  Direction is given as  we look to the workings of God in Revelation.

On the other hand, this understanding of fatherhood comes with a heavy burden.  Even among secular psychology, the father plays a crucial role in shaping a child's understanding of God.  This should be no surprise when the truths above are considered.  Whether God is viewed as loving or hateful, just or unfair, erratic or controlled depends largely on dad.  Over the years, I have seen many reject faith in God because they could not get past an angry, abusive, or absent father.

The other great burden of fatherhood is the demonstration of true masculinity.  In an age of prolonged adolescence, a male that appears as a man and not a man-child is the exception.  Boys and girls need to know what a man should look like, and it is incumbent on dad to demonstrate.

Fatherhood should not be taken lightly, but approached as a holy duty that will shape the future of the world.  The man who embraces this journey will be changed as well into the image of His Father.
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