Love of Place

I've never been out of the country (well, I did drop into Canada for about an hour back in college, but that doesn't count), but whenever I meet those who are arriving from places afar their responses are always the same: "I loved my trip, but it feels great to be home", "I realize how much I love my country when I saw the Statue of Liberty", "On touchdown, I love this place."

I know I have similar feelings when I have been away for while whether on vacation or business. There is something about where you call home.

It is that love of place that touches on the previous post. It is that love of place that allows you to embrace the beautiful. It is that love of place that will transform it.

Fr. Andrew Damick speaks eloquently about this in a collection of posts on place.

Follow these link to see what I mean:

The Locus and Economy of Community (The Transfiguration of Place, Part II)

Globalization: An Impediment to Salvation (The Transfiguration of Place, Part III)

Thin Places (The Transfiguration of Place, Part IV)

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