The Dynamic Horologion and Psalter

Yesterday I found a wonderful prayer resource on the web. It is called the Dynamic Horologion and Psalter. For the non-Orthodox, the Horologion is the service book for the prayers of the hours which includes: Vespers, Compline, the Midnight Service, Matins, First Hour, Third Hour, Sixth Hour & Ninth Hour. You can click on the service and the site will give you the service with the daily variable prayers and commemorations in place as well. There are multiple options available such as choosing particular Psalms, the current Kathisma (daily Psalm section), and daily Troparion/Kontakion (short chorus like prayers).

The designer of this work provides the following qualifications:

"Please note, this Horologion is not a complete Orthodox service book. Although it provides access to the normal weekly hourly services for non-feast days, it still lacks many features including the following:

  • Canons and Akathists such as Sunday Midnight and the Akathist to the Mother of God.
  • It currently ignores the feats/alleluia days and Lenten services.
  • It does not contain the Typica or a Lectionary.

Some of these things are in the works, but others are not planned at this time. Please report any bugs, typos, suggestions, comments, or criticism to the email listed at the bottom of the page. You'll have to put email address together by running it all together and replacing the "dot" with a "." and the "at:" with an @. Unfortunately due to spam, measures like these are necessary to prevent email address harvesting. Thank you and peace be with you!


This site was created for busy Orthodox Christians who for various reasons are forced to be online for long periods of time, but who still want to be able to incorporate the Psalms and hourly prayer services into their daily prayer life. As such, the dynamic Horologion will automatically display the current prayer service as read when a priest is not available (i.e. a reader's service) and/or the current kathisma for whatever time it is, while still allowing you to manually view the services if you want to view the services for the day at any time. So if you just wanted to read say, Matins, you can get the Matins service for the day at anytime during the day.

For more information about the Horologion, Psalter, or this site, please click on the navigation links on the left."

This is an excellent resource and for those who use a PDA could make this liturgical resource extremely practical.

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