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I am a sales and marketing guy with two decrees in religion (long story).  My biggest passions are my faith and my family.  I attend church at St. Michael Orthodox Church in Louisville, KY, where I teach the adult Sunday school class.  This has given me the opportunity to stay engaged in Biblical Studies and Patristics, and out of those classes I recently wrote a book on those “mysterious” OT books often referred to as the Apocrypha.

This is my personal blog and generally reflects those things I teach in our adult class, but they have been “blogified”.  Outside of Biblical and Patristic topics, I will occasionally veer off into topics regarding ministry and resources for faith.  I post two to three times per week.

To get regular updates, you can subscribe through an RSS reader or via email.  Also anything that is interesting please send onto a friend through links at the end of each post.  Don’t be afraid to comment, even if you don’t think you have anything interesting to contribute.  It keeps me grounded and practical so I don’t float off into the ether discussing topics that only matter to .0001% of the population.

My email is theron.mathis@gmail.com and you can follow me at Twitter @TheronMathis

Thanks for visiting, and come back.

Interview with Trevin Wax:  http://trevinwax.com/2006/11/08/therons-story-why-i-left-evangelicalism-for-eastern-orthodoxy/

Climacus Conference Talk:  Scripture as Icon of Christ

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